You know that you need a Missouri or Kansas commercial auto policy for your business, but how do you pick the right agent? And how do you know that you’ll get far-reaching coverage at a manageable cost? Many of the companies that have come to us over the years have seen a dramatic increase in savings. It’s truly amazing how much some companies overpay for their commercial auto insurance. If you are looking for commercial car insurance in Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Shawnee or Kansas City, ask to speak with satisfied clients in your area. We have a few cost-saving methods that will really cut down on your premium rates.

Whether in Missouri or Kansas, commercial auto insurance is an extremely cut-throat industry. If you’re being gutted, it might be because your current carrier has high overhead, poor business practices, or simply relies on hooking a few companies who will pay more than they should. We work with a solid roster of companies that have a high reputation for efficiency and good service. Get a quote today to find out right off the bat whether you are paying too much.

You may need to implement cost-saving measures to cut down your premium. Insurance companies come up with their rates in part by analyzing your business. Do you drug-test your drivers? Do they have clean driving records? Do you implement safety-promoting maintenance programs? We can tell you what cost-savings measures are available to you, how to execute them, and how they will basically pay for themselves by saving you on your Missouri or Kansas commercial auto insurance.

Discounts matter. Are you taking advantage of them? One of the biggest MO and KS commercial auto discounts is to purchase your commercial auto policy from the same company that sells you a similar policy, such as a BOP or General Liability. You can also save significantly by paying your premium upfront. Think about your insurance the way you think about taxes: the breaks are there, but you have to know how to access them.