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What You Should Know Before You Renew Your Overland Park Car Insurance Policy

overland park car insuranceFor many Overland Park residents, spring is a time for renewal. This can mean falling in love, spending your tax refund on a thrilling vacation, or—on a slightly less exciting level—renewing your car insurance.

Car insurance policies are kind of like apartment leases. They last for a set number of months, usually six months or a year, and then you’ll get the option to either renew or find a new insurer.

Your company might tell you that your premium is rising. This could be because of that fender bender you were in a few months back (which, we know, was totally not your fault), an increase in market rates, or a change to the company’s rating system that casts your profile in a less favorable light.

Kansas City Commercial Insurance Definitions and Basics

kansas city commercial insurance
Have you ever felt like it’s even harder to understand commercial insurance after you talk to an agent? All of the little details and options can blur together and get confusing. But Kansas City commercial insurance doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Here is an easy breakdown that will help you understand the definitions and basics.

Health Insurance Will Soon Be an Upper Class Luxury if Premium Rates Don't Slow Their Roll

Health insurance has grown steadily more expensive from 2000-2009, at a rate averaging 8% a year. Income, meanwhile, has risen at an average of 2% a year.

The cost of health insurance is escalating at such a pace that it will soon surpass the household income of average Americans by 2033, according to an abysmal new study called “Who Will Have Health Insurance in the Future? An Updated Projection.” 

From Kansas City to Overland Park, Homeowners Insurance Premiums Increasing

If you find a letter in your mailbox this year stating that your Overland Park homeowners insurance is going up, you can do something about it. Kansas and Missouri homeowners insurance premiums are increasing due to last year’s surge of natural disasters. Commonly believed myths about KS homeowners insurance are keeping some of you from avoiding these increased rates.

More on Conrad Insurance Agency

Conrad Insurance Agency is an independent full-service insurance agency. And we service Shawnee, Kansas City and Overland Park in Kansas and Kansas City and Lee's Summit in Missouri.

Our insurance solutions work for individuals, families and businesses throughout Kansas and Missouri. We stand for integrity, quality of service, and vigilance in finding the best plan for each unique situation.